Reclaimed Antique Hardwood Floor Installation

Reclaimed Oak Hardwood Floor with Glitsa Finish

Back in 2009 Beers Flooring was selected to install reclaimed antique oak hardwood flooring in a West Annapolis home. Just recently, the homeowners invited us back to take pictures of the floor. After 7 years these floors still look fantastic.

Project Details

The homeowners of this West Annapolis house contacted Beers Flooring becuase they were interested in installing eco-friendly reclaimed hardwood floors. The homeowners wanted to be environmental conscience and selected reclaimed antique oak barn siding. While this flooring can be slightly more expensive than new hardwood floors, its beauty and durability are well worth the price. You see, many of the reclaimed antique wood that are recovered today are from old growth forests. These types of woods are no longer available on today's market due to extinction or environmental protection of the species. Old reclaimed lumber, like the oak barn siding for our West Annapolis client, is cherished by flooring companies becuase of the antique wood's low moisture content. This gives the wood exceptional stability and little chance of shrinking or splitting. These woods also tend to be denser and structurally sound, providing unmatched stamina. Additionally, antique wood is simply beautiful. Oxidation occurs on the surface of the wood during it's natural aging process as it dries over a hundred years or more. This creates a warm patina which is almost impossible to duplicate on newer lumber. Plus, many woods retain markings from its' previous life. Markings made from the original axe cutting, joinery or just scratches add to the allure of reclaimed antique hardwood floors.

In addition to installing the reclaimed antique oak hardwood, Beers Flooring sanded and finished the floors as well. The finish applied is Glitsa, which is only available through professional hardwood flooring contractors. Glitsa finishes are known for their clarity and grain-enhancing capabilities. The pictures below illustrate the durablity of the finish as well. Seven years later and the floors look like they were finished yesterday.

Reclaimed and antique floor installation, sanding and finishing require expert care and know-how. If you are considering installation of reclaimed antique hardwood, call Beers Flooring today.

Reclaimed Antique Oak Flooring in Bedroom

Reclaimed Antique Oak Flooring in Bedroom

Reclaimed Antique Oak Hardwood Floor in Living Room

Reclaimed Antique Oak Flooring in Living Room

Reclaimed Antique Oak Hardwood Floor in Kitchen

Reclaimed Antique Oak Hardwood Floor in Kitchen

Reclaimed Antique Oak Hardwood Floor in Family Room

Reclaimed Antique Oak Hardwood Floor in Family Room

Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

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