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Refinished Maple Hardwood Floors

Beers Flooring worked with our client in Annapolis, MD to create this unique living room space. In the partially-sunken living room, our professional installation staff installed exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood. To give the exotic floors some dimension and a touch of modern, we installed natural maple stair treads on living room and 2nd floor risers. Another beautiful design decision, maple hardwood rectangles at the base of the stairs and at the landing, elevates the look of the entire hardwood floor installation. Decorative elements such as these add a look of luxury and master craftsmanship to a home's interior. Beers Flooring is proud to deliver custom hardwood floor installations such as this to homes all over Anne Arundel County.

Exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood with Maple Stair Risers

Below: Brazilian Cherry throughout the family room with Maple Risers extending from the sunken-room

Exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in Family Room

Maple Risers on Brazilian Stairs

Below: Maple Hardwood Risers on Exotic Brazilian Cherry stair treads

Maple Risers on Brazilian Cherry stairs

Decorative Maple Inlays on Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Stairs

Below: A view from the top.. of the Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Stairs. Decorative Maple inlays were placed at the landings. Not only does this technique elevate the overall design of the flooring but it also serves the useful purpose of providing a visual reference for people descending the stairs.

Maple Decorative Inlays on Brazilian Cherry Stairs

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