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COREtec Plus XL

One of the Best Luxury Vinyl Tile Products on the Market Today

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With so many flooring products on the market today, it is easy to get lost in all of the choices. Beers Flooring of Annapolis, MD works homeowners and business owners to help them narrow down the thousands of options to find products that meet their individual needs. Recently, Beers Flooring had the opportunity to work with a local Optician who were redesigning their offices. When installing a flooring product in a light commercial space, such as an doctor's office, some very specific criteria must be met. The list of criteria included:

  • 1. Extreme Durability
  • 2. Easy to disinfect, clean & maintain
  • 3. Waterproof
  • 4. Certified for low chemical emissions
  • 5. Sound-proofing
  • 6. Quick installation
  • 7. Clean, modern aesthetic

Given these criteria, Beers Flooring and the doctors selected, COREtec Plus XL Luxury Vinyl Tile, one of the best vinyl tile products on the market today. COREtec Plus XL Luxury Vinyl Tile met all of the criteria for this project. In addition, COREtec Plus XL has some unique attributes that made it the perfect choice for our client.

    Extreme Durability, Easy to Clean & Waterproof - An Optician's office is a high traffic area that receives lots of abuse in the form of high heels, rain/snow-soaked boots, coffee spills and dropped items. COREtec Plus XL fit the bill as it a highly durable product that has a patented wear layer over the vinyl, core and cork layers. The wear layer provides extra protection against excessive damange and gives the product its commercial rating. Additioinally, COREtec XL is 100% waterproof. It will never swell when exposed to water so it can be cleaned easily with a water mop & bucket. Additionally, COREtec PLus XL, with its cork backing, is naturally resistant to both mildew and mold.

    Certified for low chemical emissions - A doctor's office sees patients of all ages and degrees of health. Therefore, it is crucial for a doctor to have flooring that is safe for all visitors. COREtec Plus XL is GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for Indoor Air Quality. The certification is a strict process whereby the manufacturer’s products are put through a series of tests to ensure low chemical emissions. All GreenGuard gold certified products are considered safe for persons sensitive to chemicals, such as the elderly and children, which makes these products ideal for doctor’s offices.

    Soundproofing - With its cork underlayment backing, COREtec Plus XL provides excellent soundproofing. With this luxury product, you won't get the hallow echo that vinyl flooring is known for.

    Quick Installation - To install the new luxury vinyl tile, Beers Flooring first needed to remove and dispose of the wall-to-wall carpet that covered the 900 square foot area. After removing carpet tack strips and staples, Beers Flooring moved right onto installation of COREtech Plus XL. COREtec Plus XL does not need to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in the room, as many other flooring products do. Beers installation team was able to install the product out-of-the box the same day it was brought in. Additionally, COREtec Plus XL has a sustainable cork backing that absorbs all the imperfections in the subfloor due to the carpet installation. With this luxury tile product, Beers was able to get right to work. This saved the Doctor valuable time and money, as they did not need to shut down the office for an extended period or have large, unsightly boxes pilled up in their waiting room.

    Clean, modern aesthetic - COREtec Plus XL is the largest luxury vinyl plank on the market. Plank sizes are as wide as 9 inches and as long as 6 feet. Also, COREtech Plus XL is available in 15 colors. From the dark grey shown here in our client's office, to dark brown stains, light creams and golden oaks. Our client selected the widest plank available in "Gotham Oak" which gave him the modern, clean and upscale look he was going for.

So, for this project, COREtec Plus XL, really was the best luxury vinyl tile for the project. Beers Flooring, and our client, are very pleased with the results of the installation of this luxury vinyl tile. Below are a few pictures of the finished waiting room, so you can see the finished installation for yourself. If you are considering installation of luxury vinyl flooring in your home or office, call Beers Flooring today. We offer free in-home consultations and are able to bring product samples to you. Contact us by calling 410-897-0626 or email us.

Annapolis Doctor's New Luxury XL Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl Floor installation doctors waiting room

Floating vinyl tile flooring installed by Beers Flooring

Floating vinyl tile flooring installed by Beers Flooring

Light commercial installation of vinyl floor tile

Light commercial installation of vinyl floor tile

Luxury Grey Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Grey Vinyl Tile Flooring

Close-up light commerical use of COREtech XL Luxury Grey Vinyl Tile Flooring

Close-up light commerical Luxury Grey Vinyl Tile Flooring installtion

Doctor's office new luxury vinyl tile flooring

Doctor's office new luxury vinyl tile flooring

Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

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